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This is the Dark-Horizons. It is an experiment in web site networking. It will be used for a number of things. Sit back and relax.
In front of the San Diego Zoo 2010 Trip to the San Diego Zoo 2010.
San Diego Zoo 2010 Tall Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo 2010.
Sea World, Orlando Florida Avdentures at Sea World Orlando, FL 2009.
St. Augustine, Florida Ghost hunting at St. Augustine, Fl.
Graduation Day Graduation day.
At home  
Bonn, Germany Bonn, Germany 2005.
Airshow Air Shows are great.
Iraq Iraq 2004.
Iraq Iraq 2004.
Paris, France Art De Triomphe Paris, France. 2003.
Neu Schwanstein, Germany Schloss Neu Schwanstein, Germany. 2003.